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Sample Our Chocolatier’s Creations Every Month 

Our Chocolate Table opportunity is perfect for the indecisive chocolate lover who wants to sample our fine delicacies every month with inspired recipes, rich handmade confections, and artisan chocolate bars.

Artisan Bean-to-Bar Recipes

Our in-house chocolatiers are always creating something special. Now you can try all their best artisan bean-to-bar recipes of the year! Receive 6 handmade bars every month to give you that chocolate pick-me-up you crave. 

Plus, every order is made individually, which means we can use your preferences to give you the exact type of chocolate you love. Whether you love rich dark chocolate, smooth French blends, savory concoctions, or anything else, we have you covered. 

Some of our popular recipes in the past year include:

    - Honey caramel bar infused with white truffle oil

    - Dark chocolate spiced strawberry bar

    - Caramelized Dulce de Leche bar

    - Bittersweet & Spicy Chili Dark 71% bar

    - Coffee-Flavored Espresso Dark 71% bar

      Don’t Settle For Low-Quality Chocolate 

      As you go through your days, weeks, and months, you will inevitably get those urges to grab a chocolate bar to brighten your day. Maybe it will come with stress or maybe it will strike suddenly for no reason at all, but it will happen. 

      When it does, you shouldn’t have to settle for vending machine chocolate or low-quality mass-produced products that leave you feeling icky and barely satisfying your craving at all. 

      Instead, you can have handmade chocolate delicacies delivered straight to your door to enjoy as you please. Our creamy, rich, and sweet chocolates don’t just satisfy, but also provide a boost of antioxidants and mood-boosting compounds for more energy and a happier you. 

      Small-Batch Care for Chocolate Enjoyment

      Our passion for chocolate seeps into every recipe and handmade batch of chocolate we create. As a family-owned operation Chocolate Sensations can give care and attention to every order, so you get the exact chocolate you love. We taste test every batch, not because we have to, but because we trust that our expert chocolatiers will bring us yet another moment of tranquil indulgence. 

      From blissful chocolate creations to mouthwatering tranquility, customer satisfaction is our priority. If you need us to avoid certain ingredients or recipes because of allergies or just because you don’t like them, we will make sure that every single bar you receive provides you with joy and pleasure. 

      Give the Gift of Chocolate 

      We all have that friend who adores chocolate seemingly more than anything else in the world. Now you can give them a gift that lasts an entire month, 6 months, or a year, so they always remember how great of a friend you are. 

      Plus, you can give us their chocolate preferences to personalize your gift and give them the gift of artisan chocolate. And who knows, maybe they will share some with you!

      How Chocolate Table Works in Three Simple Steps

        1. Place your order using the selections below 

        2. Give us your chocolate preferences, favorites, and recommendations

        3. Receive 6 bars each month for your subscription and enjoy rich indulgence