About Us

Chocolate en La plaza was founded by chocolatiers/husband and wife Sebastian and Victoria who took an interesting turn from being bachelor students on Social Work to artisanal chocolatiers. “The goal was to bring a space of peace to the world” says the couple. This was the goal of getting a degree in Social Work. Soon after they discovered that bringing peace and appreciation to a community had nothing to do with degrees or formal education. “When you walk into our shop we want you to feel loved”. This is the culture of Chocolate en la plaza. To let everyone know that when they walk through our doors they are important. This is the same way they have taken on making their beautiful bean to artisan-chocolate confections, with love and appreciation. With every bar, bark and truffle, extreme care is taken to make sure it is the best experience possible so that, for a moment, you can relax and treat yourself to a moment of bliss.