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Chocolate En La Plaza rejects anything remotely resembling bland, unimaginative and mass-produced.  Chef Victoria elevates chocolate confectionary to an art form both in taste and appearance.  You will find the most beautiful, hand-crafted, delicious confectionary at Chocolate En La Plaza.  We take great pride in our culinary creations that all start from the finest chocolate in the world.  At Chocolate En La Plaza you will find unique chocolate divine treats ranging from ganache-infused truffles and rustic, broken nut barks to dipped and dripped confections as well as beautiful, out-of-this world drinking chocolates.

Artisan Chocolate
Traditions of Chile
and Chocolate

At Chocolate En La Plaza, cacao’s venerable history continues. Like our ancient counterparts, those
first “chocolatiers” of Mesoamerica, we feel a deep reverence for cacao as well as a commitment
to honoring its heritage in each and every one of our artisanal confections and drinking
chocolates. To accomplish this, we use only the highest-quality cacao available in the world
today. Confecting with chocolate from the very same species of cacao trees so cherished by the Mesoamericans: the highly prized – and highly difficult to cultivate – criollo cacao.



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