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Your guests are sure to be impressed when you bring  beautiful, hand-crafted, delicious confectionary to your next house party.  Q Chocolate Café offers a unique catering service that no one else in Albuquerque can match.  We will provide the finest chocolate in the world and best coffee specialty drinks and teas that will that will make any party one to remember.  Q Chocolate Café will bring the chocolate shop to your home where you can offer your guests Chef Noel’s masterful and beautiful chocolate treats.


Q Chocolate Café in Old Town Albuquerque offers a unique catering experience.  We have the finest chocolate in the world and Chef Noel can help you find the perfect chocolate indulgence that will make your private party fun and delicious.  Q Chocolate Café is well prepared for seasonal catering, wedding catering and/or yearly corporate catering events.  We look forward to serving you and making sure your next Albuquerque catered event is well planned and arranged.

Breakfast Taco Tray
Bacon or ham, eggs, cheddar cheese potatoes and green chile on a large tortilla,
and or seasonal veggie mix, organic egg whites, and potatoes on a large tortilla.

$40 feeds 10, $80 feeds 20, $160 feeds 40

Lunch Boxes
All sandwiches served with choice of chips, green apple, choices of brownie
or cookie and a pickle.

$12 each

Your choice of 10 full sandwiches wrapped and cut into halves and quarters,
a group salad, a group sweets tray and a group chips.


Brownie and Pastry Tray
Chefs selection of brownies, cookies, pastries and chocolates, sure to be
the center of attention at any meeting or party.

$30 feeds 15, $60 feeds 30

Sweets and Coffee Break
Large ( Up to 20 )                $60
Assorted cookies and brownies and coffee service

Large ( Up to 10 )                $30
Assorted cookies and brownies and coffee service


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