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At Chocolate En La Plaza Café, we’re all about beautiful, hand-crafted, delicious confectionary made from the finest chocolate in the world. Our Chocolatier Victoria’s culinary approach is artisanal and, by design, her creations are always unique, mouthwatering masterpieces. 


Victoria is the not-so-secret-weapon that sets Chocolate En La Plaza Café apart from any other chocolate shop.  Victoria is a true artist in every sense of the word.  She has combined her wide range of artistic pursuits over the years and her love of fine chocolate into a sensory and sensual culinary masterpiece. Victoria is an amazing woman in every sense of the word. She spends her days loving up everyone who comes into her little Santa Fe chocolate shop and also manages two beautiful children who we like to call our "little CEOs". She is an active community member and an avid philanthropist and this is only a piece of what makes her so amazing. Victoria was on track to gaining a Bachelor's in Social Work when she found that she had a passion for Artisan Chocolate. Behind all of her drive is a passion to make people feel loved.

The concept of chocolate “cafes” dates back at least three thousand years to when Mesoamerica’s ancient Mokaya gathered together to enjoy a bitter chocolate drink produced from the beans of the cacao tree. Calling it the “food of the gods,” these early people considered cacao sacred. By the time the Aztecs came to power in Mesoamerica, cacao was reserved for only the most elite.

Soon after, these invaders’ ships carried cacao across the Atlantic to Spain where, to appeal to European tastes, the drink was sweetened and cinnamon added. Its recipe remained a closely guarded secret until 1556 when the first written recipes appeared.  

Although cacao took the continent by storm, it remained a drinking chocolate until almost three hundred years later with the introduction of the world’s first chocolate bar. Over the next decades, a handful of brilliant, inventive Europeans began creating delicious, new chocolate confections. Cacao, that Mesoamerican “food of the gods” had made a journey that spanned thousands of years, vast oceans and countless civilizations. But, at last, the chocolatier as artist was born. Which brings

us to Chocolate En La Plaza Café.


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